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Secret Way to Quit Smoking Right Now | Quit Smoking

Secret Way to Quit Smoking Right Now | Quit Smoking

How much harmful smoking we maybe know, nevertheless we do smoke contentiously. Our future is getting environmentally imbalance for the toxic, which is really bad for you and me and our family our future.

Smoking damages our cells ant that causes cancer. Smoking effects our body Directly and Indirectly.
Some countries are banning smoking from their country.  List of smoking bans – Wikipedia

I’m not gonna tell you about the harmful aspects of smoking. I will tell you how to quit smoking and reduce toxic from your body.

There are lots of blogs, and videos, tips about quit smoking. Some of them are indicates to use some stuff. But this is not the way actually. Don’t lose your money to buying products.

You can easily quit smoking

What should you do first? first you should not do nothing. First, you need to understand why you are smoking! if you failed to find the reason. Then it is sure that it is useless things and you are doing this for nothing.

Science says our mind is led by Conscious and Subconscious. Most of the time we are led by our subconscious mind.

practice with conscious and acquisition become subconscious.

Nicola Tesla says, if you want to find the secrets of universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration


When you consciously practice anything it gradually set in Mind. When you set in mind that you will not smoke,then the things actually happen.

The process of quit smoking

You just do one things daily, that is Chanting! chanting many times it consciously and the energy of it will perform your subconscious mind.
Yes, just chants ”I do not smoke” daily 500 times, and just visualize it your own. see the result.

Stay away from 10,15,20 tricks about quit smoke.

Watch this video for know about mind and read this article again.You will be clear at my point.
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Do meditate everyday, benefits of meditation

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