Benefits of Meditation

What is actually Meditation is?

Meditation is not the techniques of knowing the future or supernaturalism. It is a way of knowing yourself. Understanding and Experiencing our full of existence is Mediation.

If i say, look at your self, you will see first our body. In this way you will notice one more thing in a row, this will continue.

Everything is happening for reasons. Reasons come from the source of command, and that command is come from our brain functioning.

when i told you to loot at your body
You means indirectly saying that you are actually receiving a information to your brain function. then your brain system will analyze it.

so, the way you process to get information and analyze. This could be willingly or unwillingly. In the science factor it described as Consciously and unconsciously (Subconscious)

With actual consciousness is paying full attention to your mind.
I mean yourself! if you pay attention to that mind.

Our mind is decides the action we take because the reasons we make.
If somebody is crying and and this moment you cannot proof that he is happy. Crying means feeling sad a stage of mind.

Thus, we are expressing our feeling in a different way. Source of creation of feeling is our thought process. So everything is within us. everything is mine. It means we just learn to know our self.

Paying full attention to our mind is observing the real way of its happening.
When we become skilled on it we can control our mind.

So Mediation is will will help you to focus or giving attention to only one thing. When you are relaxed, then you take proper decision.

Benefits of Meditation for Health

There are lots of benefits of meditation

Telling about Benefits of meditation can not be finished. Ii is such a process of all benefits. Our brain is always busy in thoughts. when we dive into that, we can not come back from it properly. We get stuck into thoughts. Stress will be occupy our mind. Our attention will be taken by stress.

So, Reducing stress properly help us to live a good life.

Besides, more benefits of meditation

  • Anxiety Control
  • Self awareness enhances
  • Understanding skill will developed
  • Super mind
  • Focusing skill
  • Keeps our heart good
  • Proper inhale exhale
  • Balance the body system
  • Concentration power
  • Rapid memory recall
  • Creativity
  • Reduces risk of heart stroke

Not just these are benefits of mediation. In many ways benefits of meditation are noticed which can not be terminated.

Regular practicing Meditation will improve our self. We should do meditations regularly.

(If you want to know about more about benefits of meditation)

Understanding mind is how much powerful if you want to know go watch this video- How To Control Your Mind




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